Hello I'm Jordan Ireland

Web Designer and Game Developer based in Phoenix, AZ

I am a web design contractor who focuses on commercial websites,
with over 5 years of experience in front-end and back-end development.
I also have over 6 years of developing inside of Unity and have been contracted to work with multiple clients.


I've always been curious at heart. Ever since my family got our first computer when I was 5, I've constantly had my hands on a keyboard. My curiosity got the better of me at 10, when I decided to build my own flash game after hours of playing a lot of NewGrounds games. While practicing and honing my coding abilities, I worked in the medical industry and was able to put my skills to work for doctors in my area.
Known Languages C# - 7 years, HTML - 5 years, JavaScript - 3 years, Python - 3 years, Java - 2 years, C++ - 1 year.
I am always keeping up to date with the best programming practices and am continuing to expand my repertoire of programming languages and modules.



Full Sail University

BS Game Development (In progress) | 2021 - Mar 2024

Coursework included: C#, Unity, C++, Unreal Engine, Python

Lambda Schools | 2019 - 2021

Apprenticeship in Data Science

Coursework included: Descriptive & Predictive Statistics, Data Engineering,
Machine Learning, & Deep Learning

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