Jordan Ireland

Jordan Ireland

Shader Expert and C# Programmer at Martian Games

 Arizona, US

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College Fight Song Analysis

Colleges have always been known for their fight songs. This brief data exploration will give us some insights into what makes a great fight song!

What is Danceability?
According to Spotify, "Danceability" describes how suitable a track is for dancing based on a combination of musical elements including tempo, rhythm stability, beat strength, and overall regularity. A value of 0.0 is least danceable and 1.0 is most danceable.
What is Tropes?
The dataset included many different features, including how many times "RAH", "FIGHT", or any spelling was used or said in the fight song duration. The "Tropes" feature was added to count how many of the 9 features were said.

Tags: data science, data visualization, data exploration